Top 5 Kizomba Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Dancing! (My Story)

In this kizomba vlog nr. 13 – You’ll learn the top 5 kizomba tips, that I wish I knew when I started dancing kizomba 1 year ago. These lessons came after dancing kizomba every day for 365 days.

You’ll also learn how I originally discovered dancing 10 years ago and what served as motivation to dedicate life to dancing world.

There is also special party and special Ritmo De Salsa studio 10 year anniversary happening! Learn why it’s so special in the video!

★★★ 5 Best Tips How To Learn To Dance Kizomba! ★★★

★★★ Kizomba Tip 1 ★★★

Go to workshops, go to festivals (the only way you can feel how kizomba really should look like), watch videos, film everything – then practice what you filmed at home. (watch videos online)

Here are some great tutorials to get you started:

Online Kizomba School by Laurent Yishu (urbankiz):

Kizomba Fundamentals by Nemanja Sonero & Laura –

Kizomba Harmony (Kizomba) – lots of videos on various topics about kizomba life –

Ennuel Iverson (Kizomba) – lots of new videos coming out by him –

★★★ Kizomba Tip 2 ★★★

Film Yourself as much as you can – you can always delete. Imagination vs reality.

★★★ Kizomba Tip 3 ★★★

Go to parties – practice some move at home, then do it in the social – try to create variations.

★★★ Kizomba Tip 4 ★★★

Listen to a lot of music everywhere you go, Count the music to understand the changes.

Here is an excellent musicality class by Albir about how to count the music –

Here are some kizomba music to get you started:
– Onkizomba Soundcloud playlists – (follow the DJs I follow and you’ll have full feed with amazing songs)
– D&L Beats – these DJ’s constantly keep releasing great new mixes with top songs – excellent to listen to –
– Kizomba Hipster – this guy does a great job creating mixes, adding new top kizomba songs and providing titles, high quality audio for each of them –

Take it a step further with creating loops in dj software and repeat until you know it all.
I use Serato DJ to create loops (it’s free) –

★★★ Kizomba Tip 5 ★★★

Always stay student – I remember when I asked one girl if she knows saida – she responded do I know saida myself ( after 8 months of daily practicing). Especially for guys – know that even beginner girl can help you to improve. It’s hard sometimes, but humble is the only way to go.

You can always learn from every person, every situation. – best way to do it is when you stay humble.


♪♫ ♪♫

♪♫ ♪♫ Songs used:

Shadow – DJ Ozy Shyne –
LoRecords Vol.1 Presents–Shaudeh feat. Elji – I can’t remember –

♪♫ ♪♫

Kizomba artists we were learning from – Rafael Dos Santos & Elena (In Ritmo De Salsa Studio), Nasser & Ming (In Prima Studio)

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