Sensual Sara Lopez & Reda Kizomba Dance 2017

There is a reason why Sara Lopez & Reda Becili are on of the most popular kizomba / bachata dancers in the world! Check it out!

This was the first workshop on the Valentine dance festival for me! Sara & Reda gave nice combination, which was perfect for me – not too complicated, not too easy.

They explained a lot of technical things about leading and asked for questions from people.

This was one thing that stood out the most – they tried to be as helpful as possible in the class.

Many other instructors just give cool combination, doesn’t explain enough and then say – it’s easy & keep going further.

After their class I ended up feeling good, which is a great sign! Even if the class was overcrowded, it didn’t ruin the mood!

I guess I know why Sara Lopez is loved by so many – even being on the top, she stays grounded, sweet and approachable.

And about Reda – he’s truly master in all crafts – he dances zouk, bachata, kizomba, salsa… hiphop… and fuses it all together.

So maybe some moves don’t look entirely like kizomba, but they create new moves, creating their own style – which is very important in kizomba world.


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Here are the links:

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♪♫ ♪♫ Dj Chad – Big Sean – One Man Can Change – Cover – (Kizomba Remix) – 2016 –

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