Sara Lopez & Reda Becili Kizomba Dance Show @ Valentine Festival 2017 / Experience – Ludovico

This was my first time seeing Sara Lopez & Reda Becili perform live. It was truly a treat!

I had seen their videos, but it’s something else seeing performance live.

However this time I am very satisfied with the video – it really catches the emotion throughout the dance!

Sara Lopez is the most popular and well-known kizomba lady in the world!

In the show you can see Sara fully being in the character!! So much that it moves you just by watching…

I saw Reda Becili on other hand in Riga Salsa Festival 3-4 years back. He was then dancing alone and had this super technical show on his own.

In the workshop he taught us a nice combination Justin Timberlake style! Reda is a very versatile dancer, has lots of influences from new style hiphop, which he uses in his performances.

They are a great couple!

P.S. If you have missed their recent choreo videos, check them out. They made two really well filmed videos few months ago.

Here are the links:

Gnash – I Hate U, I Love U / Choreography by Sara López & Reda Becili –

Twenty Fingers – 3D / Choreography by Sara López & Reda Becili –



Sara Lopez Martín – /
Reda Becili – /

Event: Valentine Dance Festival 2017 –


♪♫ ♪♫ Songs: As usually for the shows it’s heavily remixed, but I recognised one song in it.

♪♫ ♪♫ Mestah – Ludovico Einaudi – Experience –


Video edited and produced by #onkizomba

For more videos check:

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