Sam & Veronica Beautiful Kizomba Dance @ KIZMI 2016 | One Dance – Drake – DJ Radikal

??? Check Out Sam & Veronica Beautiful Kizomba Dance @ KIZMI 2016 ???

Sam & Veronica was another new discovery for me in the KIZMI festival.

Veronica dances really sexy and has a nice lady styling! She also organised the class pretty good!

And Sam – damn. Now he’s my new role model!

Is it just me, but I get that TANGO feel in his kizomba dancing style??!?

What I really like is how sharp his moves are. He goes slow and then suddenly just does something crazy and you don’t even get what he did!

Really good workshop – Sam & Veronica explained the move really, really well. I really loved the combination – it was very smooth and ever continuous.

I am breaking down the combination and using in my dancing regularly already!

Definitely recommended! But for now just watch the video and be inspired from Sam & Veronica’s beautiful dance!


Sam Samuel Ramphort –

Veronica Rossi –

Studio Kizomba FB page:

Song: DJ Radikal – One Dance – Drake (Sara Farell Cover) – Kizomba Remix –

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Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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