Ronie Saleh & Naaty Musicality Kizomba Dance @ Valentine Festival 2017 / Dont Judge Me

Wow…I already had forgotten how much I appreciate Ronie’s classes. He did it again!

He gaves away so much value & also he gives space for his partner (who changes all the time) to express herself too.

This is quite rare to be honest.

I could name only a few artists with extraordinary workshops…

They would be Albir Rojas, Laurent/Adeline and Ronie.

These artists are always on my top to go whenever I can.

Their classes make you think and gives you those AHA moments..

It’s not just about combinations or even technique.

Ronie always gives away more ideas how to practice, how to feel yourself inside the dance.

He talks about energies, talks about giving space to the lady to express herself in dance too.

He talks about different ways to express yourself.

And he’s freaking amazing in musicality. When I was seeing him showing examples and demo in the end – I got inspired so much to work on my musicality.

Because Ronie isn’t doing fancy steps. There are some cool moves, but with a little practice every intermediate dancer could learn to do these moves.

What makes all the difference is MUSICALITY.

And musicality takes much more time and effort to develop. (at least for me)

It takes listening to the songs over and over again.. 100 of times or more.

It takes separating instruments, being able to sing the words.

If you or I would even dream about achieving such crazy musicality, we would spend most time (80% as Ronie says) by ourselves dancing at the mirror.

With headphones on. Repeating the same song over and over.

I recently did this with a song I am doing choreography for. I was already tired of this song.

You know, that’s what happens when you listen to song few hundred times.

But then inspired by Ronie’s class I looked at the song deeper.

I tried to sing the words, tried to sing the beats. Tried to hear everything happening in the song.

All the layers.

And wow, new world opened to me.

Suddenly I again enjoyed listening to the song I’ve heard so many times.

And this is what Ronie shows through his class and demos. You see musicality you didnt think is possible.

Definitely my favourite class from the festival! Thanks to Ronie & Naaty.

I talked more about Ronie, but Naaty is such a professional and amazing dancer herself! Certainly a big inspiration for ladies!!!

Check her out @ Mode Zero!



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