Ronie / Armanch Saleh & Marta Kizomba Dance @ Sweden Festival 2017 / Nuxito – I Got High

What’s going on there? Ronie Saleh, Marta Mignone, Armand Saleh – two brothers, one lady – kizomba is on!

As always Ronie was giving amazing musicality class and giving away lots of ideas how to improve. Now it was even better, because Marta was sharing their knowledge as well!

They made a great team!

Few takeaways was them showing how to play with one instrument with one body part and then take another one with other body part. Done properly – looks great!

Other biggie was how to give space to the lady! I’ve been doing it a little bit, but was far more inspired to do it even more. Whenever I do it ladies smile, enjoy the dance more and follow better!

The reason why Ronie & Armanch were changing was because they were showing different styles in different music. Takeaway is to be inspired and not be afraid to develop your own style and express yourself to feel happier when dancing!

Pleasure to watch!!


Festival Details:


Sweden kizomba festival was the best organised festival I’ve been so far. The best thing that happened was Show Your Style event. That was the most intense workshop I’ve been so far!!

If you have a chance to join for a class, don’t miss it! It’s really challenging and lots of fun! Check Show Your Style demos here –

Festival page for more details:

Join the festival on 2018, event page already up! –

You can book tickets for the next year festival here:

♪♫ ♪♫ Song ♪♫ ♪♫

♪♫ ♪♫ Nuxito – I Got high –



Marta Mignone – she’s an amazing urbankiz dancer with super sharp styling and crazy tarraxa moves! This was the first time I know that them and Ronie were teaching together! Great experience!

Marta’s artist page –

Ronie Saleh artist page:
Ronie’s personal profile –

Armanch Saleh –

Ronie’s brother is having a nice style and they are getting popular as Saleh brothers who make quite a noise with their battles and by dancing with each other! Lots of fun watching them dance!

You can check a lot more videos and music on his Youtube channel by the way too –


Video edited and produced by #onkizomba

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