Olo & Yana Kizomba Dance | One Man Can Change The World – DJ Chad | 2016

??? Check Out: Olo & Yana – Urban Kizomba Dance | 2016 HD???

Wait until the end..for some fun craziness from Olo 😀

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Well, what can I say — Olo and Yana are both amazing. It was actually the first class on the festival.

It was a class before Friday’s party, so obviously I was late, but thought to come to at least for the end of the class to check out and hopefully film the demo 🙂

What happened was that class was 20 mins late, which meant I arrived in 2/3 of the class.

Sooo… I tried to catch up with everybody. And then…

I hope others didn’t mind…but yes, Olo encouraged me personally – showed me all the steps from the class and was very supportive 🙂

I even got to dance with Yana for like 10 mins without changing and she helped me to memorise the steps. Yana is an excellent leader too (go figure).

Yes… I felt quite guilty for interrupting, but also was very grateful for all the help and support.

Yana in my opinion was the best dancer in the festival. I am subjective of course, but she’s definitely a super high level dancer.

And Olo … well, Olo is somebody else.

He’s filled with positive energy, he always haves fun, he smiles a lot and other Latvian girls from festival said only the best things about him.

One dancer said that she really thought that he will « break » her with all the crazy tricks they were doing 😀

(Yes, I clarified « breaking » was in a good way… she enjoyed all that craziness).

He was the tallest guy in the festival and some may argue also one with the biggest heart 🙂 People may think he just wants attention, but it’s just who he is – he’s about having fun, being present and creating more positivity all around him!

To sum up –

It was an awesome class 🙂 Nice warmup before party!

Enjoy the demo!

Song: Dj Chad – One Man Can Change The World – Kizomba Remix


Olo Xtrakiz Evts – https://www.facebook.com/olo.evts
Yana Tyan – https://www.facebook.com/yana.kizomba

Event: Hot Ice Kiz Weekend 2016 (official) – Today – https://www.facebook.com/events/998856173534079/

Hot Ice Kiz FB page, join us the next year!: day – https://www.facebook.com/events/998856173534079/
Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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