Manuel & Denise – Kizomba Fusion Super Musical Dance @ KIZMI 2016 Festival

??? Check Out Manuel & Denise: Urban Kiz Contemporary Dance Show @ KIZMI 2016 Milano Kizomba Festival???

Oh, I didn’t appreciate Manuel’s musicality until I watched the video again… Now I feel sorry I didn’t fully watch the performance live eh…! Good thing we can record videos to watch performance again and again 🙂

This song is a cover version to the popular Mario song. It’s not a kizomba song.

There is NO BEAT.

Just piano and vocal.

Manuel and Denise show how to be perfectly musical and expressive in a vocal song…! It’s moving and inspirational!

Perfect Musicality! WOW…!

Hats off to this couple!



Manuel Cassotti –

Denise Navotti –

Edo’s partner Denise was joining in to help out as Manuel’s partner! That makes it even more impressive – they are not regular dance partners, yet together they could create this moving experience! Respect!

Song: Mario – Let Me Love You (Rendition) by SoMo


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Enjoy the show!

Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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