Love Again – C4 Pedro / Nemanja Sonero & Kristina Kizomba Dance @ SSD 2017

In this Nemanja & Kristina workshop I first discovered this beautiful song Love Again by C4Pedro!
The workshop was very enjoyable – they taught us some secrets of smooth flowing kizomba dance!

This was an afterclass demo after a nice class in Summer Sensual days festival!

I really enjoyed the good vibes and Nemanja’s teaching style. He has been dancing for years and has this very smooth kizomba dancing style.

Also cool note is that even for him being so tall, when talking to ladies, they said that he still could lead every lady just fine – a sign of a great dancer!

Kristina on the other hand is not his regular dance partner, but she’s a true professional and I think they complemented each other really well for the classes.

Flowy, smooth dancing, lots of playing around with footworks – this is what for an enjoyable kizomba dance!

Even me, who has secret (well, not so secret) love for urbankiz – loved the kizomba class!

Oh..and if you want more, Nemanja has a Youtube channel with more than 18,000 subscribers where he shares his dance mentality and has quite a bit of video tutorials!

Lastly my favourite video was where he asked dancers in Rovinj festival – “Why Do You Dance?” –


Event: Summer Sensual Days 2017 – 6th Edition –

Summer Sensual Days in Croatia is one of the must go festivals during the year. You get 5 days of awesomeness – sun, sea and kizomba! (well, there is also bachata)

Have been to the festival for the past years and it’s a blast – a vacation full with dancing! What can be better than that?

Next week Sensual Days will be for 10 days!!! Check it out!

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♪♫ ♪♫

♪♫ ♪♫ C4 Pedro – Love Again feat Sauti Sol –

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Nemanja Sonero –

Kristina Shatalova Kirillova –


Check out more kizomba videos –

Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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