Last Dance – Kizomba Dance Video by Vital & Leya

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We got the idea for this video last summer when we came across the song and really liked it and since we’re both passionate kizomba dancers and we were already looking for and interesting kizomba song for a show we recorded a couple of shots and tried to edit it together but since we didn’t have a choreography it was really tough.
So this summer we figured why not make a choreography and make a cool dance video since we both really like the cinematography businesses and wanted to learn more about it. So I learned all I could about film-making and started writing the script and after we found the perfect locations I was able to define the type of shots I wanted. Then we figured out what we wanted our wardrobe to look like and what the make up was going to be since Leya is a make-up artist and loved the idea of making something movie like.
After figuring out the choreography and everything else we started filming at all the pre-scouted locations.
The whole video was shot by only the two of us accept for one scene where we had to enlist help from two of our friends. One to be the focus puller and the second to keep the bounce light on Leya’s face.
All in all I think everything worked out pretty great. We were able to stick to the script with most of the shots and added a few additional that really came in handy in the editing process.
When I started editing I actually saw how our knowledge was growing because the most recent shots were shot better then the ones shot at the beginning. This actually gave me some problems when color correcting because I made some mistakes with the white balance and exposure at the beginning that I was more alert to later.

So here it is our first dance video and thank you for watching.

A dance video by Vital Butinar & Leya Marinčič

Some information about the making of the video:

1. pre-production: it took us about 10 days for
– creating the choreography,
– finding filming locations that would work (good lighting conditions),
– figuring out the wardrobe and makeup

2. production: about 60 hours of filming
– framing the shots,
– finding well light angles,
– checking the blocking & tailoring the choreography to the specific shot,
– rehearsing the scenes.

3. post-production: about 45 hours of editing and coloring
– finding the best take,
– aligning the takes,
– finding the best cut,
– inserting the story scenes,
– color correcting the shots to match one another,
– color grading,
– recording foley,
– editing sound,
– creating the titles & credits.

Things that we have learned during the making of this video:
– always have a choreography and know it so you can change stuff to fit the shot,
– prepare the scratch music before shooting and edit in some beeps at the beginning and finish so you can easily align the shots,
– have your slate in the shot before starting recording so first image is always the scene and shot info (really handy for editing),
– don’t forget about the audio (since you need the scratch audio),
– don’t mess up the white balance because you’ll hit yourself on the head while color correcting,
– finding good light locations is key but still need to use a reflector for bounce light,
– don’t forget that you’re filming in 19:9 but are going to crop to 2.35:1 so leave head room so that you can crop or you’ll have a problem in post,
– when doing wide shots or close-ups of the face always sketch blocking on the ground with choke so that you stay in focus,
– record the close-ups of the feet first then draw on the ground,
– don’t forget the from one scene to the next where the light is coming from because shadows are important,
– decide on the look of the color grading and titles in pre-production so that you don’t run into a wall while editing,
– write a detailed script and do a story board but don’t worry about changing it as log as continuity still works and the shot is better,
– remember to mark whatever you changed and mark what you’ve already shot.

Things I wish I would have done differently:
– had more camera movement,
– nailed the white balance and exposure a little bit better in some shots,
– figuring out the color grading in pre-production,
– planing foley sound better in pre-production,
– organizing the script a little better (how story & choreography interact).

Things that worked out great:
– location lighting,
– the beeps in the scratch audio,
– scene blocking and choke marks,
– shallow depth of field,
– filming late at night to minimize people,
– using a slate and scratch audio,
– recording foley sound.

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