Kizomba World Day – Flash Mob 2019 – Choreo with Music

More info on how to become a part of the World Kizomba Project at:

Song by:
Ivan Alekxei – Amor à Primeira Vista

Joao & Giedre
Paulo & Lanna
Ricardo & Paula
Nemanja & Kristel

Some of the worlds most renowned teachers, DJs and promoters joined together to create the Kizomba World Project and our mission for 2019 is to present The Second International Kizomba World Day which will take place on the 21 and 22 July.

The first 2 projects were World Kizomba Day Flashmob and International Women’s Day Flashmob which united the whole global Kizomba scene, where we had over 104 cities participating, and 1000s of dancers being part of this amazing events.

Our aim is not only to promote Kizomba but to support the people around us, each year we will choose a project or a charity to fundraise for.
So what better way to raise money for a good cause? A global Kizomba Flash Mob and we want you to get involved! All you have to do is like our page and follow the instructions…

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