Isabelle & Felicien Kizomba Dance to Loucos – Matias Damasio @ KIZMI 2016

??? Isabelle & Felicien Kizomba Dance to Loucos by Matias Damasio @ KIZMI 2016 ???

I was considering whether to publish this video or not, since I only have trembling, far away GoPro recording version.

But still, the dance is viewable and the dance is amazing.

If I found value watching how this couple dance to the popular song « Loucos » – I am sure you will grab an idea or two as well!

I personally appreciate their unique musicality & keep learning that.

For ladies and guys too actually – Felicien & Isabelle really know how to make those complicated body rolls and dance in really sensual way. Great inspiration!


Isabelle Rossa –

Felicien Rossa –

Isabelle & Felicien Artist’s page –

Song: Matias Damasio – Loucos ft. Héber Marques –


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Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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