Isabelle & Felicien Kizomba Dance @ KIZMI 2016 | C4 Pedro – Ceu

??? Check Out Isabelle & Felicien & Just Us Company – Kizomba Dance @ KIZMI 2016 ???

Felicien & Isabelle need no introduction. This is the first time featuring them on this page, but they are the most famous kizomba couple in Youtube world 🙂

They have a dance video in the song Soha Mil Pasos, that has been viewed 20,000,000 times in 2 years…!

You could say they are making kizomba more popular online!

All of their classes were full with energy & Felicien really knows how to organise big classes. He puts pumpup music in the beginning and focuses a lot on learning footworks before even going in couples.

Their style is very classical – with lots of syncopations and tango elements. They’ve really developed their own dance between traditional and urban kiz… so yeah, not sure how to call it.

Felicien himself admitted in the interview, that he loved tango, but didn’t like the music. With kizomba – he could finally connect both worlds.

Just Us Company is a new project of Felicien & Isabelle – and they were performing several shows together in group as well as performing and teaching demos together.

But you’ll experience that in the video anyway! 🙂 Sorry again, not the most perfect video, but did the best I could…



Isabelle Rossa –

Felicien Rossa –

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Just Us Company by Isabelle & Felicien Page –

Song: C4 Pedro – Ceu (Pikante Vol.6) –


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