How To Dance Kizomba Alone: 5 Dancing Tips For Men

In this video you will learn how to dance kizomba alone at home. This video will explain how you can practice your balance, musicality and steps to be more confident, when you are dancing with the partner! Hope you’ll enjoy these 5 dancing tips for men!

I’ve learned these things from other kizomba / urbankiz masters like Albir Rojas, Laurent Yishu, Enah Lebon, Ennuel Iverson, Joao Rocha.

I see the practice as a kind of meditation, way to relax, move – express myself without judgement, without rules.

★★★ How To Dance Kizomba Alone: Dancing Tips For Men ★★★

★★★ Kizomba Dancing Tip Nr.1: Gain confidence by dancing in front of the mirror ★★ ★

If you don’t know how to look good, put your favourite kizomba dancer video in front of you and copy him.

Here are few examples:

Urban Kizomba Men Styling with Curtis Seldon 2017 –

Enah lebon – kizomba Men Styling (Attitude) –

Men Styling Kizomba- Ennuel Iverson –

Kizomba Moves For Men by Curtis Seldon: Urban Kizomba Men Styling –

If you notice you do something lame, then do the fixed version for 30-60 times.

Mirror and filming is your friend.

★★★ Kizomba Dancing Tip Nr. 2: Know Your Combinations & Steps ★★★

When I was learning to drive a car – I was super stressed – there were so many things to consider – change gears, look in the mirrors, look for the signs, look at the road and keeping up with a good speed.

It was overwhelming! But now I can drive the car, drink coffe at the same time and check my phone.

The same is in dancing.

If when you dance you need to think about your steps, dancing on the beat, leading the partner, looking around that you don’t bump anywhere – it’s overwhelming!

So practice these things at home:
– first know your steps really well. (don’t worry about leading at first)
– second – imagine your partner and lead the partner through the combination
– then do the same in the music. It may look weird from aside – but who cares!

★★★ Kizomba Dancing Tip Nr. 3: Watch Your Favourite Kizomba Teacher Videos: Copy their Steps, Style, Musicality ★★★

Two of the best people to copy in terms of musicality is Albir Rojas & Laurent Yishu.

But just watch these videos – find moves you like, find elements you like, count the music – and try to replicate what they do.

Here is how I watch the videos and copy musicality:

She’s Like The Wind / Albir & Trecy Urban Kiz Dance –

Laurent & Adeline: The Best Musicality Urban Kiz Dance –

This dance was what originally inspired to do our own choreography to practice musicality, big inspiration was Laurent & Adeline. Here the choreo –

★★★ Kizomba Dancing Tip Nr. 4: Be in Good Shape – Practice Balance and Stepping ★★★

If you do any kind of sports you’ll be more stable. For guys being in good shape helps with balance and with tricks. You don’t need a lot of strength for tricks, but it definitely helps.

Being in good shape helps a lot with the balance – for example if you do yoga, running (whole body workouts), (gym not so much).

In kizomba you need strong legs and you need abs to hold your own body. Practice always keeping your own balance with stepping – try to be as light as possible ( this tip comes from Laurent from Online Kizomba School btw) –

This is really important for ladies too – many ladies I dance with push me off balance, because they are not stable themselves. My dance partner did yoga for few weeks and she became super light and responsive in kizomba! There is something there!

★★★ Kizomba Dancing Tip Nr. 5: Practice Musicality – Dancing on the beat, different instruments ★★★

Then this tip comes from Laurent is dance on the beat! What I noticed is that even if I dance on the beat the basic steps, but I oftentimes mess up the musicality with more complicated steps. Watch yourself – and try dancing even that on the beat!!! Beat comes first… Then the next is change something every time something changes in the music.

Watch this video on explanation how to do loops with DJ software –


Songs used:

♪♫ ♪♫

♪♫ ♪♫ Dj KaKah – Starboy feat. The Weeknd & Daft Punk (Kizomba Version) –

♪♫ ♪♫ DJ Kakah – She’s Like The Wind remix –

♪♫ ♪♫ Dj Leda – Sweek Kizomba Gold Mix –

♪♫ ♪♫ DJ Puto X – CTQMK –

♪♫ ♪♫ Dj Puto X – Roça –

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