FK Beats – Let It Go / Billy & Monica Kizomba Dance @ KizzMe More 2017

Previously I overlooked Billy & Monica, but then after hearing good recommendations from friends, decided to visit their class!

I was pleasantly surprised of their level of knowledge in kizomba dance and how well they could explain complicated matters!

They spent a lot of time explaining how we step in kizomba and how to do it correctly to be smooth, fast, slow where needed.

In the afterclass demo they showed a lot of nice syncopations and great musicality without using any flashy moves. Flashy moves sell but they rarely make for enjoyable dance (everything in moderation is good). Just check their dance and see if you would enjoy dance like that?

I would for sure!

Enjoy and Kizomba Harmony classes are totally recommended for both kizomba and urbankiz lovers!



Kizz Me More Festival – join in for 3rd 2018 edition –

Kizz Me More is an awesome festival in Poland, Warsaw organised by French people!

This means that you get super cool artists and top DJs – and because it happens in Poland – it’s very affordable!

This is one of my favourite festivals and I think what makes it special is the people who go there and amazing DJs who play in socials and parties!

Thanks to Uri Michel and his friends for organising this awesome event –

For more in depth review and updates of the festival and next festivals go here –

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The Best Of: 139 Top Kizomba Festivals in 2017 –


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♪♫ ♪♫ FK Beats – Let It Go –

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