Archie – Na Minha Cabeca / Albir Rojas & Anja Musical Kizomba Dance @ Fusion Kizomba Roma 2017

??? Archie – Na Minha Cabeca / Albir Rojas & Anja Maras Musical Kizomba Dance @ Fusion Kizomba Roma 2017 ???

Albir Rojas is the best in the kizomba world for a reason. He’s really versatile, great dancer plus he knows how to explain hard things very simply.

That’s a rare characteristic in teachers. Only the ones, who have done it all, cracked the code, can explain things simply.

At Fusion Roma 2017 festival in Albir’s classes he focused more on simple movements with great musicality.

I even attended to his premium masterclass and there he also focused on simple steps that would be used to achieve great effect and musicality.

It’s about listening to the music.

Every girl will tell that she will pick a partner with simple moves but good musicality over great technical guy with little or no musicality.

Every single time.

Important for guys to remember ? For girls, well, educate guys in this to have more pleasant dances heh.

Enjoy this demo – it’s always a pleasure to watch Albir dancing.

Here’s a tip I’ve been using lately to improve my musicality.

I listen to the song, in this case Archie – Na Minha Cabeca like 10 times so I know the song a bit.

Then I will play this dance video with Albir and try to copy him. Do everything like he does. Syncopations, steps, musicality.

By doing that I get a glimpse how Albir changes instruments, how he prepares for accents and achieves that great looking and feeling dance … ?

Try it – it’s fun 🙂



Albir Rojas – //

& Anja Maras (she’s actually Carlos partner)

If you can point out her name will be grateful and will credit her.

Event: Fusion @ Kizomba Roma –


♪♫ ♪♫ Song: ♪♫ ♪♫

♪♫ ♪♫ Archie & Sizzle – Na Minha Cabeça (ft. Daddy Killa) –


Check out more kizomba videos –

Enjoy the show!

Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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