Albir Rojas & Eli | Perfect Musicality Kizomba Dance 2017 / Yuna ft. DJ Alnova – Crush

Albir Rojas is a master in musicality – watch him, study him, learn from him and become better!

This dance demo was part of musicality class he gave. I consider Albir the best as it comes to technique, versatility and musicality in kizomba world.

After this festival one of my new habits include watching a dance by Albir on Youtube. Then playing the same song and trying to replicate Albir’s musicality.

What I learned so far is how important is musicality (duh…obviously :D).

But that’s the thing – Albir doesn’t really do fancy moves! He doesn’t follow latest trends or invent new sexy moves.

Albir is focusing on dancing perfectly to the music and changing his movements accordingly. If there’s a big beat or little DING noise… you can be sure, Albir will pick it up.

So mostly dance consists of little steps and lots of body movement and leading with his body…belly.

And then..when there is accent – Albir takes it! Takes it big way…

Because of his smooth and calm dancing throughout of the dance, that ACCENT is amplified 10x and usually gets cheers and ovations from the audience.

It’s like a painting – most of us (including me) – just put lots of bright colors everywhere. Sexy moves…acrobatics…coolest footworks.

Albir is like a painter – who cares about composition, feel, experience. He uses subtle colors around and then makes one big accent that draws attention.

Oh…sorry got little too excited.

But big respect and inspiration to this master artist.

And hats off to Eli for keeping up and adding to the dance with her nice style and good energy! They collaborated for KIZMI festival and man, they did an awesome job!


Albir Rojas –

Elisabete Pkl –

Song: Yuna & Usher feat Dj Alnova – Crush (Cover) –


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Enjoy the show!

Edited and Produced by #onkizomba

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