? 5 Basic Kizomba Dance Steps in Less than 1 Minute – Just for You?

? Do you Want to Learn Kizomba Step By Step, from home? Check also this video: https://youtu.be/7j6QrBwcTLQ ??

Hi everyone, today we bring you some of the most important 5 Kizomba Steps so you can start practicing today and shine tonight!
This was one of our most popular videos when published in portuguese at our dance studio´s facebook, so hope you enjoy as much 🙂

Steps showed:
✔️ Double Time
✔️ Basic 2
✔️ Basic 3
✔️ Clock
✔️ Saida Woman

And don’t forget, to learn kizomba dance you just need to start by learning one step… and than another… and another. Don’t rush and enjoy the path ?

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